This trick is easy enough to use right out of the box, but to transition away from it can require a bit of sleight of hand. We recommend this trick for people who are willing to practice or who already have at least a bit of skill.



You show a simple half dollar, you can show both sides. Set it out in front of you and make sure to make a fuss about having nothing else in your hands or up your sleeves. Then you conceal the half dollar in your left hand.

At this point the trick is already done, but you can say a few magic words or what-have-you. You can now produce two half dollars from your left hand at will.

If it seems incredible when written down imagine how cool it is to make it happen in real life!

A Video of Our 50 Cent Trick - Close Up Magic

Be prepared for people to ask you to do the same with their paychecks! Seriously this is an amazing effect when done right and our video is only the beginning. There are thousands of ways to expand on this trick to make it your own.

This trick ships with everything you need tucked into a small white coin envelope. We include an instruction sheet and a link to the behind-the-scenes video tutorial that shows you exactly how to perform this illusion.


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