COINTRYX.COM designed this trick to be easy to use right out of the package! No skill or sleight of hand is required to wow your audience with this trick!



You show your friends or audience two Chinese coins that are identical except that they are different colors. You can show both sides of each coin. You place both of them in your left hand. Then remove one of the coins with your right hand, placing it in your pocket. Ask the audience which coin remains and to their surprise reveal that BOTH of the coins are still in your left hand. The coins can immediately be examined by your audience.

Be aware that you may get any number of colors with this one. We ship the coins in pairs but the colors do vary from set to set. In other words your coins may be red, black, blue, or yellow.

A Video of Our Chinese Coin Trick - Close Up Magic

This trick ships with everything you need tucked into a neat little burlap bag the size of a coin purse. Remember that the colors of coins you receive may not be the same as those in our photo or video, but rest assured they'll work like a charm!

We are growing our product line and this trick is our focus. Our new tricks will be built on this as a starting point so get in early and order yours today.

We include an instruction sheet and a link to the behind-the-scenes video tutorial that shows you exactly how to perform this illusion.


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